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Starboard Sprint - not just a flat water board...

Starboard Sprint - not just a flat water board...

Starboard Sprint - not just a flat water board...

With the change of shape to the 2018 Starboard Sprint making it able to handle choppy water and now a stepped deck for buoy turning, it will be interesting to see if racers will be transitioning off the Starboard All Star over to the Starboard Sprint in 2019. It’s still a speed machine on the flat but can now handle those bumpy tech races where you want the edge when hammering the straight sections. In the past the Sprint had been a dedicated flat water board, trying to paddle it in chop was unpleasant. This year we have seen UK top paddler Ryan James fully transition over to the Sprint going for the 21” model which he has used it for all races over the season. Obviously the 21” is going to have its limitations but the 23” at 313ltrs and 25” at 342ltrs and it’s more versatile shape, you can see why racers may transition from the All Star. Just check out the 2019 page – it’s fully with pics of the team surfing and paddling in bumpy conditions on the Starboard Sprint

The All Star has always been a leading shape on the market for all round paddling and racing. However, if you are into racing and want the fastest board for a multiple of conditions you may need to start checking out the Sprint.

We have 1 x 2018 14’ x 23” model available at 20% off which now brings to £2499 then it will be the new 2019 models.

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