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Rocket 1450 Hydrofoil

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The 1450 Foil stands for efficiency, glide and speed. The Rocket FOil is desinged to be easy to roll and turn which ensures it can perform in all conditions. The compact shape and size offers high end maneuverbility and easy to turn on the wave. Developed specifically with wing foiling in mind, this new foil will take your foiling expereince to the next Level.

Advanced Carbon Fiber Wings:
Built with pre-preg carbon material, the front and rear wings are strong and light. This set up provides the overall foil with better stiffness throughout the different partts for maximum control. The 1450 wings take advantage of its compact shape to give a smooth lift, easy manueverability and seamless turn on the waves.

Front wing: 1450 cm2
Back Wing: 390 cm2
Mast Length: 60cm Combo
Fuselage: Aluminum 72cm
Weight: 1.56Kgs (Wings only)