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Lima Tiki Tech 3 Piece Adjustable 2022

Lima Tiki Tech 3 Piece Adjustable 2022

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A awesome paddle in a great hardwearing construction, no wobbling or rattling this is The SUP Stores choice of blade.

Medium - perfect for all riders

  • The strong protective top sheet covering artwork and surface finish.
  • UD Carbon stringer continues all the way from the neck to the top of the blade, enhancing the reflex characteristics and strength.
  • Full Biax glass fiber Filament rail infusion all the way up to the neck for greater overall strength.
  • Extended reinforcement on the blade neck for greater overall strength.
  • The Lima is the favorite paddle used by Starboard's world champion team. Starboard's champions boast that the Lima propels the board through the water faster.
    The blade tip is square for instant power and the edges are rounded for forgiving redirection. In addition, the new pronounced side concaves allow for extraordinary tracking and forgiving redirection.
    The Starboard Lima is the new standard built for high performance, cruising and recreational use.

    construction tiki tech

    The blade

    Flexibility and strength are tailored to each blade size and shape through the use of biaxial and unidirectional fabrics.
    All 2022 blades are manufactured using a plant-based bio-resin, maintaining high performance with less impact on the environment.


  • The solid protective top coat covers the design and provides a high level of surface finish.
  • The UD carbon stringer continues from the handle to the top of the blade, improving responsiveness and strength.
  • Infusion of biaxial glass filament rails to the neck for increased durability and impact resistance.
  • Reinforcement on the neck of the blade for greater overall strength.


    The shaft

  • A flexible shaft transfers energy more smoothly, which is suitable for long-distance paddlers and high cadence.
  • A stiffer shaft provides a more direct transfer of energy and is suitable for larger paddlers and riders who want to use full-length shafts and are looking for a lot of power over short distances.
  • Note that when you cut a paddle shaft to fit your size, it automatically becomes stiffer.

    Shaft Stiffness
  • S35 Stiffness: Popular with taller paddlers using a longer shaft.
  • S40 Stiffness: A balance in performance between stiffness and flexibility.
  • The carbon shaft is lightweight and durable for wave and touring sessions.

    Shaft shape
  • 26mm shaft:
  • Smaller diameter shaft for lighter riders who need a smaller grip.
    Suitable for kids, women and riders who want a shaft
    who want a shaft that is light in the hand

  • 29mm Shaft:
  • The most versatile shaft.
    Preferred for multipurpose paddling and waves.