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infinity e ticket 12'6 14'
12'6" E - Ticket Touring Blue

12'6" E - Ticket Touring Blue

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The INFINITY E-Ticket Blue Touring board 12'6 x 29" has a nice wide tail that keeps the outline in the back very parallel for stability and easy glide. The wide point forward outline in the nose keeps the width underneath and slightly in front of the stance for predictable - easy cruising stability and comfort. The bottom contour is a hybrid-planning hull with the original Blackfish concave in the tail. 

The SUP Store are super exited about all things INFINITY the E Ticket  is an amazing touring board suitable for flat water, ocean and small surf. 


Specifications - 12'6" x 29" x 280L = 29lbs


In addition to its world class DNA, the E Ticket is built in the Innegra tech construction  to offer it at a great price and come in as a lights out value for this category.