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Welcome to the Paddle Club Members Area. You are now closer to getting the inside track on new trends, techniques, paddle routes & knowledge. With free advice and support - there are no silly questions.. send us a message on the pop up tab.

We will be creating a video blog on Technique, Sessions & Routes, Training, Water Safety, Board Repair and Etiquette to help you with all the skills you need to become the best you can be or enable the most enjoyment possible from Paddle Boarding. In these up-coming videos you will be able to hear from the best of the UK's racing scene, catch waves through winter and get a direct insight into the crew at the SUP STORE and our amazing base in Christchurch on the South Coast from which we paddle every day.

When you sign up to this area for Free you will get preview links to our video blog, new stock, discounts, get entered into prize draws and be privvy to all the exciting new adventures and quick tips to enhance your paddle sessions.