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11'0" Wide White Water 2022

11'0" Wide White Water 2022

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Gladiator white-water river board is for adventure seekers paddling down streams, touring rivers, or shooting white water rapids – This durable and light board will allow everyone to navigate the water as well as being light enough to carry it to your place of adventure. This white water board has been designed for the heavier rider. The 11'0 is designed to be a touring rapid water board, wide enough to create extra stability, high volume to get you over obstacles, With 4 glued on side fins and 1 central universal fin box, the Gladiator 11'0 is designed for the first time paddler cruising streams, right up to experienced riders challenging boiling white-water. The Gladiator white-water’s shape has been designed and signed off by British white-water paddlers and made in Gladiator's own factory - These white-water boards have been perfected to meet extreme rider needs. Design + Premium manufacturing combined.

A premium board at an affordable price

The Gladiator Origin range of inflatable paddleboards are made from high-density double laminated fusion dropstitch material. With the ability to reach 26psi it ensures a stiff board for an exceptional paddling experience. Features include front, rear and centre carrying handles for easy transportation and bungee tie-downs for carrying kit. These paddleboards should not be mixed up with the budget brands on the market; the Gladiator Origin boards punch well above their price range. There is no better built entry price-point inflatable paddleboard on the market.

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