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Jamie Mitchell visit to Bournemouth....

Jamie Mitchell visit to Bournemouth....

Not the Eastenders character but 10 x Molokai to Oahu paddleboard champion and waterman. Respected by the likes of Dave Kalama, Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson and Rob Machado to name but a few, Jamie is one if the most amazing watermen of our time and we are super excitied to hear he is coming to the UK. Check him out online if you haven't heard of him and you'll see why we are so excitied -

Jamie will be at the Battle of the Thames on Saturday 18th May and then on Sunday 19th he’ll be running 2 clinics in Bournemouth with BaySUP and then a showing of his DVD ‘A Decade of Dominance’ in the evening. All details can be found on BaySUP’s Facebook page under Events and also at


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