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Board & Kayak storage

🚤🔐 Board and Kayak Storage at The SUP Store: Safeguarding Your Water Adventures - Christchurch, Bournemouth, Dorset,

At The SUP Store, we understand the importance of keeping your paddleboards and kayaks secure and ready for your next aquatic escapade. Our board and kayak storage services provide a convenient and safe solution for enthusiasts.

Storage Features:

🏠 Secure Facility:

  • Rest easy knowing that your boards and kayaks are stored in a secure facility. 

🔒 Lockable Spaces:

  • Each storage space is lockable, allowing you to add an extra layer of protection to your valuable paddleboards and kayaks. Keep your equipment secure and enjoy peace of mind.

🌟 Convenient Access:

  • Enjoy easy and convenient access to your stored boards and kayaks. Whether you're planning a spontaneous paddle or a planned adventure, retrieve your watercraft with ease.

🚣‍♂️ Accommodates Various Sizes:

  • Our storage facilities are designed to accommodate a range of board and kayak sizes. From sleek racing boards to family-sized kayaks, we have the space to store your watercraft efficiently.

🌧️ Weather-Resistant Storage:

  • Shield your boards and kayaks from the elements. Our storage area is weather-resistant, protecting your watercraft from rain, sun, and other environmental factors.

🤝 Flexible Storage Plans:

  • Choose a storage plan that suits your needs. Whether you're looking for short-term storage during the off-season or a year-round solution, our flexible storage plans cater to your preferences- minimum 3 months

🔧 Maintenance Support:

  • Ensure your watercraft are in top condition with our optional maintenance support. Our team can assist with basic maintenance tasks, ensuring your boards and kayaks are ready for the water when you are.

🏞️ Picturesque Location:

  • Revel in the beauty of our picturesque location while storing your boards and kayaks. Our facility provides a stunning backdrop for water enthusiasts seeking a connection with nature & a handy coffee machine.

How to Secure Storage:

📆 Visit Our Facility:

  • Schedule a visit to our facility to view the storage spaces available. Our staff will assist you in choosing the right storage option for your boards and kayaks.

🔒 Lock and Leave:

  • Once your storage space is secured, lock your boards and kayaks in place. Rest assured that they'll be waiting for you, ready for your next aquatic adventure.

📞 Contact for Assistance:

  • Have questions or need assistance? Our team is just a phone call away. Contact us for any inquiries regarding your stored watercraft.

Preserve the life of your paddleboards and kayaks with our reliable and secure storage solutions at The SUP Store. Your water adventures await! 🚤🌊