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The SUP Store Demo Centre

We are in the most beautiful location with the River Avon on our doorstep - literally...

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The SUP Store understand that the online market for paddleboards can be a minefield. You can spend hours and hours of researching and still find it hard to make a decision.

With all the shapes, sizes, constructions and sales pitches it is hard to know who to trust.

Being established since 2009 we have seen it all and have decided that for our customers who are finding it hard to decide which product to purchase you should be able to demo/test some of our kit.

We have over 30 boards and 20 paddles in our demo fleet which you can try, including:

  • All round iSUPs 9'-11' in length
  • Touring iSUP boards 11'2-14' in length
  • SUP raceboards 12'6 - 14' in length

Some of the specific models we have include:

  • Starboard Sprint  Airline 14' x 27" 
  • Starboard Sprint 14' x 23"
  • Starboard iGO 11'2 & 10'8 & 10'4
  • Starboard iSUP Generation 12'6 x 30"
  • Starbaord Wedge 8'2
  • Starboard Longboard 10'x29
  • Starboard Tikhine 11'2
  • Red Paddle co 10'6 & 12'6 elite
  • INFINITY 14' X 23" Blackfish flatdeck
  • INFINITY E-ticket 12'6 x 29"
  • INFINITY Everready 14'x22"
  • INFINITY Wide Aquatic 10'8
  • Beach BUM 10'6 X 32"
  • SIC Bullet 14' x 27.5"
  • Gladiator 10'4 - 12'6 in all constructions
  • TAHE SUP YAC 10'6

We strongly recommend you contact us via email to ask what we have for you to try as our fleet is fluid.

Reach out to us and let us know which board or kit you would like to try and when you would like to demo so we can get things ready.

SUP Board Demo Cost

We charge £20 for 1 hour, and allow you to try up to 4 boards/paddles. If you purchase a board from us we will refund you the £20.