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Carve Peru Single Origin

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by Carve
Type: Coffee

This is a great all rounder. With subtle flavours and perfectly balanced sweetness, acidity and body. Roasted medium to develop the distinct white chocolate sweetness but still maintaining a subtle red apple acidity and biscuit tasting notes. This is great for people who like to mix it up between espresso or filter brews at home or out on adventures. A proper session coffee for all day drinking.

Grown on a 1 hectare farm by Evaristo Neira Cordova and his family. The farm is located on the slopes of El Mirador, near the mountain village of Barro Negro, La Copia. The farm is certified organic, using a mixture of compost and Guano. Guano is a fertiliser made from sea bird droppings off the coast of Peru. It is a highly effective fertiliser due to its exceptionally high content of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Great for Evaristo’s coffee plants.

Country - Peru
Producer - Evaristo Neira Cordova
Region - Barro Negro, La Coipa
Varietal - Red Caturra & Pache
Process - Washed
Tasting notes - White Chocolate, Red Apple, Biscuit
Roast level - Medium

250g Whole Beans