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Tahe Borneo TWO MAN Kayak

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Paddle & Back rest
Type: Kayak

The Borneo is a family oriented one or two-person + 1 child Sit-On-Top with a capacity of 550lbs/250kg. Innovative features range from the stable yet efficient hull design to an integrated wheel transport system with a clever storage area when paddling.

Tahe Borneo Kayak Green - 2 Person

The Tahe Borneo Kayak Green is a stable & versatile sit-on-top for one or two people with a capacity of 550lbs/250kg. This Kayak is ideal for:

  • Single or two-person use + 1 child up to 550lb /250kg
  • Also suitable for fishing, 1 person + gear, where additional capacity/space is needed.
  • Ease of transport with wheel transport system

Kayak Profile

  • Paddlers Level - Beginner / Intermediate
  • Type of Activity - Recreational


TABLE THD (SIMILAR TO A TRI-MARAN ) HULL DESIGN Specially shaped for optimum hydro-dynamics

INTEGRATED FOOT BRACES For all sizes of paddler and paddle positions

INTEGRAL ROLLERS For easy solo transportation, removable for maximum paddle speed



INTEGRAL DECK LINES For ease of re-boarding


TOUGH TST THERMOFORMED CONSTRUCTION - To ensure maximum usage in maximum safety

GENEROUS REAR STORAGE AREA With integral criss-cross bungee straps for carrying gear.

ANTI-SLIP RAIL PADS For extra paddle comfort, and protection when carried on vehicle roof bars


100% RECYCLABLE At the end of its life to respect the environment


TST – Twin Sheet Technology

The exclusive Twin Sheet technology used in the construction of TAHE kayaks is acheived by using thermoformed Polyethylene sheets. The deck and hull sections are formed and sealed together in one single operation. The result of this fusion is incredibly durable, unique in kayak manufacture. The join line is invisible and 100% secure. This process, creating a product that is lighter, stronger and smoother finished than rotomoulding, is also anti-UV treated. Highly resistant to knocks and scratching, it gives all TAHE kayaks exceptional durability.

7 mm Polyethylene skin anti UV treated: Strong and Durable, highly resistant to knocks and scratches.

1- Deck and hull sheet thermoformed in one single operation: Fusion of hull and deck sheets into one complete kayak, with maximum strength along the rail.

2- Deck and hull sheet thermoformed in an aluminium mould : Precision manufacturing for a quality shape giving maximum glide and performance.

3- Front and Rear bumpers (replaceable): Protect the kayak against abrasion and wear and tear.


Shape - Sit On Top

Length -13'5" / 410 cm

Width - 33.1" / 84 cm

Weight - 75 lbs / 34 kg

Max Load - 550 lbs / 250 kg

Capacity - 2 adults + 1 child

Country of manufacture - France

Drainage Holes - Yes

Footrest - Fixed Footrests

Product Type - Rigid Thermoformed