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Red Paddle 8'10" Compact MSL PACT Inflatable Paddle Board Package 2024

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Type: paddleboard


Red Paddle co are a Certified B Corp

Designed SUPsurfers wanting performance and convenience, the 8'10" Compact inflatable paddleboard is the latest addition to our tight-packing range. We haven’t compromised, with a full-on performance paddlesurfing shape – an ultra-portable, inflatable surfSUP for worldwide waveriding missions.

Constructed in our exclusive PACT™ technology, the 8'10" Compact folds and rolls down into the world’s most portable paddleboarding package. Yet when inflated, this test-winning waveboard revolutionises inflatable SUPsurfing.

At 29" wide, it’s perfect for catching waves and making snappy turns in surf. A wider front-end profile helps punch out over white water and boosts rider confidence. Rigidity is provided by super-stiff MSL® construction with quad stringers, reinforced by RSS battens, allowing just 4" of thickness for control on the waveface.

A removable handle offers an uncluttered deck while a traction zoned deckpad provides optimum grip. The 8'10" package includes a five-piece carbon paddle, Titan II pump, and straight surf leash in our 75L Compact Backpack.

red paddle co compact board bag

Compact Backpack.

Probably the world’s most painstakingly designed paddleboard bag, the Compact Backpack halves the downforce applied to the lower back so you can comfortably carry it for longer. It’s been meticulously engineered to offer unrivalled adjustability and comfort, plus incredible shoulder and back support. 

Opening fully for easy packing, it’s built for functionality too – featuring reflective safety trim, brushed cotton cushioning, internal paddle storage, external water bottle pockets, and optional compression straps for a tighter fit.


What is MSL®? Safe. Stiff. Durable. 

Monocoque Structural Laminate or MSL® is the world’s leading drop-stitch material. Exclusive to Red Paddle Co boards, it’s made to our exact specifications. 

Monocoque: meaning the coating is integral to the structure. MSL® drop-stitch technology integrates a highly durable, reinforced coating to the ultra-high-definition weave to form an inseparable base layer. 

Structural: the high-tensile drop-stitch fibres are designed to withstand pressures in excess of 22psi, meaning Red boards can be inflated to provide unrivalled stiffness and confidence, no matter the rider weight or prevailing conditions. 

Laminate: the reinforced composite coating is bonded to the textile core using machine welding that applies heat and pressure to the inner PVC layer, saving over 2kg of adhesives and reducing cosmetic and safety concerns. Produced under low tension, this process creates a torsional stiffening effect when the boards are inflated, making MSL® stiffer at lower pressures.


  • Surf specialist: designed for capable SUPsurfers. 
  • Ultra-portable: PACT™ technology folds and rolls down to the world’s smallest paddleboard package. 
  • Agile: 29" wide, perfect for catching waves and making snappy turns. 
  • Balanced: wider front-end improves stability. 
  • Super-stiff: MSL® construction reinforced with RSS battens provide unmatched rigidity at just 4" thick. 
  • Unobstructed: removable centre handle provides a clear deck. 
  • Grippy: high-quality deckpad with variable traction zones keeps you in touch. 
  • Complete package: includes five-piece carbon paddle, Titan II pump, straight surf leash and twin Click Fins in our smallest 75L Compact Backpack.
5-Piece Collapsible SUP Paddle
Package includes Board, Fins, Board Carry Strap, Water Resistant Phone Case, Leash, Compact Bag, Titan 2 Pump and 5-Piece Collapsible SUP Paddle.


Board Length 8'10" 
Board Thickness 4" / 100mm
Board Volume 152L
Board Weight 7.7kg / 16.98lb
Board Width 29" / 737mm
Bag Size 560mm (h) x 420mm (w) x 320mm (d)
Bag Volume 75L
Fins Twin Click Fin
Paddle Options 5 Piece Paddle
Complete Package Weight 15.3kg / 33.73lb