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Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride Blue or Purple

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Color - Blue

The ultimate award-winning all-round board, perfect for every type of rider.

Max rider weight 95kg

Rider style - All round

Experience needed - Beginner

Package includes Titan 1 Pump, ATB Board Bag (large) and Cruiser Tough 3pc Paddle.

So, you need an inflatable paddle board that will see you right in all conditions? Well, look no further. The multi-award-winning Ride 10'6” MSL is our popular and versatile board.

  • Ideal to those new to paddling or who want an all-round board with plenty of stability, the 10’6” Ride MSL has a max recommended rider weight of 95kg/209bs
  • The 32" width and round nose profile gives increased stability and a smooth ride whether taking a leisurely paddle with friends or playing in the surf
  • Ultra durable MSL material and indestructible fins gives the board bullet proof like qualities
  • A coiled leash and paddle is included for a complete package, choose from Hybrid Tough paddle (durable) or Prime paddle (lightweight)
  • Fitted as standard, all Red Paddle Co boards come with 3 comfortable grip handles, adjustable cargo system and sleek high traction deck pad


The Construction

Adding MSL to our TecAir manufacturing process makes all our boards more durable and ensures they perform better. Making these SUPs so tough that you can run a 22-tonne digger over them, no problem!