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Starboard All Star 2024

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Type: paddleboard

The 2024 Starboard All Star 

One Board, All Conditions

The 2024 Starboard All Star 14' foot is here (almost) with its most significant redesign to-date. Already dominating podiums at the ICF World Championship's in Thailand, the All Star takes it unrivalled proven pedigree as the winning'est paddleboard of all-time to even greater heights it's thoroughly refined and reimagined board shape.

One of the standout transformations is the incorporation of a rounded tail, a modification that substantially enhances stability in choppy conditions, while increasing responsiveness and predictable control. Beyond the overall improvement in handling, the rounded tail contributes to a notable increase in top-end speed. Starboard went to great lengths to prioritise achieving exceptional top speed during the design and testing phase of development. The noises being made are that the 2024 All Star redesign has delivered speed increases exceeding 2 mph - if true... then this is remarkable given that the outgoing model was far from slow.

Complementing the rounded tail, the Allstar 14 footer's now feature newly rounded-off bottom nose rails at the nose. This softening of the rail effectively mitigates the impact of side chop on the front of the board, resulting in a more comfortable and stable riding experience when compared to the outgoing 'slab sided design ideology'. These alterations also lead what will be for many a welcomed reduction in volume across various sizes; particularly smaller / lighter paddlers. This not only translates to the 2024 All Star being lighter than ever (in either construction), but the decreased weight and lower volume contribute to superior top-end speed, enhanced balance, and improved control even in the most challenging water conditions.


New round tail creates better hydrodynamic flow at the tail, for less wash and a faster gliding board.


Refined vee design underneath the board has proven to be the most efficient and stable All Star concept to date. Assisting in tracking and control, the tail vee gives you complete control in flatwater and in surf, aiding in better release.