Confused about what size Inflatable SUP you need?

Confused about what size Inflatable SUP you need?

Confused about what size Inflatable SUP you need?

What size inflatable Stand up paddleboard do i need?

This is a very basic run down of what size board you need..


 8' - 10'4 is usually for the lighter rider/child or someone looking for a nimble board or may want to surf. (yes you can surf a inflatable but hard to perform like a solid board)  below 10'4 Gladiator sup - Starboard 9'5 surf deluxe


10'4 - 10'6 - a great all round shape and our most sold size, good for learning, leisure paddling, yoga, below Red Paddle 10'6 Ride -  Gladiator SUP 10'6


10'8 - super stable boards, great for families looking to share a board, great for a child or pet on the front of the board, we recommend this board also to the heavier rider up to 120kg, good for yoga as usually a wide board which helps massively in stability. BELOW Starboard 10'8 IGO Deluxe - Red Paddle 10'8 Ride

11'- 12'6 -  a bit more of a pointier nose which pushes less water so is more efficient and suits a paddler who would like to do more distance/touring or just wants to go a bit faster. Check the width of each model as these are a little less stable than the shorter sized boards. usually a larger single fin (helps tracking)

below Red Paddle 11'3 Sport - Gladiator 12'6 Elite

12'6 - 14' - now you want to be even more efficient, go faster and potentially race, harder to turn so you have to learn to step back turn.

below 12'6 Starboard Double chamber -  Red Paddle Elite 14'

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