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SOOOO a little excited about this - 2022 The SUP Store will be a UK dealer for Infinity SUP.

We are hoping by May 2022 we will have several demo Infinity SUP boards and hold stock including the Blackfish and the Whiplash along with other touring boards. 

For you guys that know me (Saviour) , you know how much of a fan i am of Infinity. I have made many SUPS and most off all they reflect INFITYs style, i appreciate the craftmanship and have been following Boehne family for many years - if you dont know they are a Family of Shapers: Steve, Dave & Dan and been crafting since the 1970s. well worth reading up on the infinity crews history here -THE HISTORY OF INFINITY – Shred & Speed (

The Infinity Surfboards Shop located in Dana Point, California

Here are some of the race range - if there is any model we do not have in stock and you would like to talk about please email or call us.


infinity sup whiplash the sup store uk

All Around / Tour Level Speed / All Water Versatility

The blackfish is the All-Around king and has influenced an industry with the original Dave Boehne designed hybrid planning hull surf concepts applied to SUP race designs.

This board has showed it's versatility year after year with world titles, gold medals, flatwater sprint wins, flat water distance wins, and many victories in the ocean and surf racing around the globe all under the feet of some of the words best Candice Appleby, Shae Foudy, Itzel Delgado, Tyler Bashor and Kai Lenny. Blackfish is the fastest board off the line, stable in all conditions, and a true one board quiver to conquer anything mother nature throws at you.

Many top board manufacturers have adopted the center channel concept originally developed by Infinity in 2014 and now with input from the team of SpeedFreaks everyone is still playing catch up. This Blackfish is like no other and features a completely re-designed bottom concept which takes the DNA of the Blackfish to the next level.

The bottom is a planning hull hybrid and is able to paddle in all conditions. The stability is built through the outline. The bottom features a rolled hull framing an inverse vee panel that releases cleanly off the lowered centerline vee concave. The planning hull rides on top of the water rather than parting it. This makes for a very fast get up and go higher max sprint speeds. Like skipping a stone Blackfish likes to sprint off the line.

This "flat deck" original version is a true flat style deck with just 1.5" of recess in the deck. This gives you a sure-footed stance and max-width. Flat decks are the preferred style for riders who constantly go in and out of the surf, like to walk and move about the board a lot, and want a no-frills paddling experience.

If you paddle mostly in the ocean or a flatwater area that gets changing seasons and conditions Blackfish is for you and will be ready.

blackfish dugout 2022 the sup store uk

Flat Water / Mild Chop / Dugout Deck / Race

The Whiplash is THE fastest, most efficient board on the water. The revolutionary hybrid edge bottom with a mini-square tail design has proven to provide unmatched glide per stroke and fantastic stability in narrow widths. This board works very well upwind, good capable light bump and downwind, and stable enough to ride/surf small bumps off the tail.

The New Whiplash went through some small refinements. Similar to the Blackfish, Dave Boehne kept with the unique and very fast edge step tail design and inverse Vee bottom concept.

The nose entry got a sharper and more pronounced Vee shape underneath to cut the water even cleaner. The dugout got carved out inside to achieve another 1" width in the cockpit. Thinned out the tail to help it sink easier for agility while executing buoy turns and riding bumps.

The bottom has a flatter rail panel under the feet compared to 2019; this was lengthened to increase even more stability. We've shortened the step rail all the way back to the tailblock, which finishes off into a narrow square tail at the corners. This provides a cleaner release, more control while back on the tail and a very slippery glide per stroke.

candiceappleby infinity blackfish  aqua and lilac low volume race paddleboard

New for 2022 - The infinity Blackfish is now made for a lighter rider in mind.

infinity touring board e ticket in blue

The E-Ticket Touring board is based off of the original Blackfish design with a nice wide tail that keeps the outline in the back very parallel for stability and easy glide. The wide point forward outline in the nose keeps the width underneath and slightly in front of the stance for predictable - easy cruising stability and comfort. The bottom contour is a hybrid-planning hull with the original Blackfish concave in the tail. This has been adopted by many of the top brands over the last few years. Blackfish was the first! In addition to its world class DNA, we've chose to build this board in our Wide Aquatic Innegra tech construction to it offer it at a great price and come in as a lights out value for this category.



We are here to make the most progressive and fastest boards on the water and the gear to help your journey. With no prejudice we build it all. Our passion for board building is rooted in the process of progression: Designing and engineering gear to push the limits and support the people who ride our craft. The range of products we build are rooted through a family lineage of board shapers with love for the ocean since 1970. You are now part of the family “InfinTREE” thank you for stopping by. 



  • Hi,I’d be interested in a surf sup board from infinity if you were to stock the range next year.Any info would be gratefully accepted🏄‍♂️🙏

    Paul Mcclatchey on

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