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starboard sprint 23" 2022 full carbon new board review at the sup store christchurch



starboard sprint 2022 paddleboard the sup store review

FIRST UK LOOK AT THE NEW STARBOARD SPRINT 2022 at The SUP Store - Christchurch, Dorset, Bournemouth. REVIEW FIRST TIME ON THE WATER - As you can see we are a bit excited about this board , we are reviewing the Starboard sprint 23" , with its super narrow nose and to find out how stable the board is. We try a step back turn or pivot turn , show you the boards acceleration, how fast it is and just a overall video on the insane but very fast shape. - make sure you subscribe and like to see more of our videos. To create the fastest ever flatwater race paddle board, Starboard had to start with a brand new concept. The new 2022 Sprint race SUP has been completely redesigned and is our fastest ever race paddle board designed for flatwater and ankle-high chop conditions. Efficiency is key when it comes to SUP racing, and this board stays at higher speeds with minimal energy. This means you can now paddle faster for longer with a lower stroke rate with this new race-winning design. Learn more:


... So what's new for the 2022 Sprint? New ultra-thin nose: this slicing nose design is ideal for cutting efficiently through the water and ankle-high chop with barely any splash or resistance. This nose sets the pace. Round displacement hull design: this is our fastest ever design giving minimal resistance and great tracking ability. Lower volume, lighter boards: this means breaking the board's inertia happens with less energy and turning is easier and more efficient than ever before. New redesigned hull outline: the new outline design efficiently parts water so that the board maintains a better glide speed with less effort at all speeds regardless of rider skill or strength. Available sizes and recommended rider weights: - 2022 Sprint 14' x 20.75" for ultra-elite and skilled riders 45 - 80kg (100 - 175lb) - 2022 Sprint 14' x 23" for advanced riders seeking the edge 65 - 90kg (145 - 200lb) - 2022 Sprint 14' x 25.5" for intermediate racers heavier riders 80-110kg (175 - 240lb)


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