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What a awesome event this was - this was one of those events where we really felt the love of the sup community - nice one all involved. 

This event was co hosted by the Awesome local community page The Activity Junkies, these guys are great at organizing and raising the awareness of local business's so we would like to thank them for the love and awesomeness - make sure you follow them on socials.

How the day went - everyone slowly filtered into our courtyard whilst being asked for their names and safety contact, numbers where counted before and after the event so we new all participants where accounted for.

While we wait for all 49 paddlers to arrive the community mingled & a collection bucket was passed around. Everyone complimented each other on there amazing Ukraine colour outfits, chilled and fueled up on caffeine.

At around 10.25 Saviour gave a safety briefing and everyone slowly filtered on to the River Avon from our slipway, we organized paddleboard instructors to filter through the crowds to make sure all was well, we had one leader and one at the rear.  The event course was from our shop to Tuckton Bridge and return around 3km, half way through the paddle the wind picked up and many paddlers had to drop to there knees - but everyone made it back for a well earned refreshment and cakes, where a large % was passed to the DEC charities that are in Ukraine and neighboring countries meeting the needs of all refugees and displaced people - our fundraising page is at this link if you would like to also help 

The Activity Junkies where selling there cool and quality clothing at the vent where half profits also where donated.

After the event everyone was buzzing, chatted, mingled and took a moment to realize how lucky we are.

We would like to thanks - Neil Woods, Sam Arnold who helped organize this event and who helped with safety.

Also thank - Abi Orton, Tony Gollop, Stuart Thain, Amy Bower for also helping on safety cover

Our community raised over £500 - and made it into 2 national newspapers -  you guys are amazing - thankyou

here are some snaps - feel free to take a copy but please tag us @thesupstoreuk



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