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Pointy Board Crew with The SUP Store


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Pointy Board Crew: Where Fitness Meets Adventure! - contact us to join in…

This is a community group the SUP Store/School run and we meet every Saturday morning 0730 in the summer months either at Avon Beach or at our store.


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Hey Pointy Board Crew! Are you ready to elevate your fitness game and take on a unique adventure on the water? Welcome to a community that thrives on the exhilaration of pointy boards and the joy of training together.

What Sets Us Apart:

  1. Passion for Pointy Boards: Our crew shares a common love for pointy boards and the thrill they bring to every paddle. Join us if you're enthusiastic about mastering the art of paddling on these sleek and agile boards.

  2. Dynamic Training Sessions: Dive into dynamic training sessions that combine the benefits of fitness with the excitement of paddleboarding. Each session is crafted to keep your heart rate high, burn calories, and enhance your overall strength and endurance.

  3. Skill Enhancement: We're not just about fitness; we're about skill enhancement. From mastering paddle techniques to refining balance and agility, our sessions are designed to make you not only fitter but also a more skilled paddler.

  4. Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for pointy boards and fitness we have a whats app and facebook group. Our crew is a supportive community where camaraderie and encouragement fuel everyone's journey.

  5. Themed Training Weeks: Get ready for themed training weeks that keep things exciting and challenging. Whether it's focusing on technique, balance, turning, or acceleration, each week brings a new dimension to your training.

  6. Race Night Celebrations: Cap off the training course with a Race Night! Put your skills to the test in a friendly and exhilarating race environment. Celebrate achievements and enjoy the thrill of friendly competition.

if you fancy joining us for free - just give us an email