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The Beginners guide to choosing a SUP

Choosing the Perfect Wave Companion: A Guide from The SUP Store

Embarking on the paddleboarding odyssey is a thrilling adventure, and for beginners, finding the right board is the compass to a great ride. Let's navigate through the waves of choices with this comprehensive guide:

All-Round Boards for Versatile Voyages: Usually 10'6 or 10'8

What They Offer: All-round paddle boards are the chameleons of the sea, adapting to various conditions—from serene waters to playful waves. They master the art of balance, offering both stability and maneuverability.

Why Choose Them: For the novice paddleboarder, the all-round board is a trusty first mate. It dances with ease but won't lead you in circles, striking the perfect balance for your SUP adventures.

Board Size and Sizing Chart: Why Size Matters

Why Size Matters: The waters demands the right fit. The larger the captain, the grander the ship haha —choose a size that complements your stature for the smoothest ride. We recommend 10'6 up to 85kg and 10'8 or 11' from 80kg-120

Weight Capacity and Construction Material: Crafting the Perfect Board

Premium Construction: Crafted from high-density materials and inflated above 16 PSI, premium boards boast unparalleled stiffness. Opt for a 4.7/5" dropstitch for lighter riders (under 85kg) and a 5.9/6" high-density material for above 85kg

Weight Capacity: Premium boards carry the weight of the world—well, almost. With a higher weight capacity, they ensure stability even under different oceanic loads.

Construction Material and Inflatable Boards: The Inflatable Fleet

Inflatable Boards: Floating on air, inflatable boards are the nomads of the sea/river lake/canal —easy to store, easy to transport. Seek brands with a PSI rating above 16 psi.

Budget-Friendly Options: All Aboard Without Breaking the Bank

Affordable All-Round Boards: Ahoy, budget-conscious paddlers! The SUP Store unfurls budget-friendly packages starting at £249. SUP with a premium, durable board without leaving your treasure chest empty.

Embark on your paddleboarding voyage with the confidence of a seasoned captain. The SUP Store is your compass, guiding you to the perfect board for an unforgettable aquatic adventure! For friendly advice, drop anchor at