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Axis base plates, tuttle head, doodad, screw set

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by Axis

AXIS Tuttle Head for Mast

This AXIS Foils aluminium tuttle head adapter slips into your tuttle fin box so you can then attach your favorite AXIS aluminium mast.

AXIS - 19mm Fuselage to 16mm Mast Doodad or 


Used to connect your 16mm or 19mm Mast to your Fuselage. AKA "Doodad"


AXIS - 19mm Fuselage to 19mm Mast Doodad

Used to connect your 19mm or 19mm Mast to your Fuselage. AKA "Doodad"


AXIS 16mm K/S-Series Foil Base Plate

The AXIS Foil Plate mount is made with high grade aluminium, 3d CNCed and anodised. This is not your 'off the shelf' plate mount.


This is a beautifully engineered and very stiff piece, designed to hold the mast of your foil tightly and strongly. Multiple holes give you flexibility with positioning on your foil board. And the sliding endings, let you remove the plate by just loosening the screws, without having to fully unscrew the M8 bolts from your board.