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Aztron Jupit 10'8" Bamboo

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by Aztron
Type: Hard board
Designed for beginners and intermediate riders who are looking to progress quickly, the JUPIT 10'8" Bamboo SUP is perfect for those first steps and will keep you entertained as you progress to your next paddling level. The all-round and classic longboard shape offers an incredibly smooth ride in all conditions while the rounded outline makes those early turns easy. 

Proven to offer the best weight to resistance ratio, the bamboo top layer gives the board effortless flow with its composite natural material. The bottom reinforced fiberglass layer also gives extra solid construction. Packed with enough performance to keep you entertained long into your paddle career, the JUPIT is set to be your perfect partner on the water!

The bamboo top layer gives the SUP board effortless flow with its composite natural material. Bamboo is naturally durable and weather resistant, and we finish it with a marine-grade clear coat which stays soft and grippy when wet. The natural flex and long continuous fibers of the JUPIT Bamboo SUP allow you to better feel the reaction of the water, making advanced paddle strokes (such as bracing) feel like second nature.

The JUPIT is built with an Expanded Polystyrene core (EPS) that is shaped using a computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine. the EPS foam is lightweight, provides thickness and buoyancy. The foam core of the composite boards is sandwiched between fiberglass or carbon skins that creates the stiffness and structure of the composite board. Additional marine grade wood stringers are bonded in the center of the board to give increased rigidity and durability.

The integrated air vent allows the air pressure to balance between the EPS foam core of the SUP and the exterior of the board. The air vent design protects the foam core board from de-lamination when temperature changes cause the air to expand. JUPIT also features the built-in carry handle. The handle is completely recessed and makes it easier to carry the SUP.

This 10.0 nylon fin is versatile, high performance and suitable for all conditions. Made with fiberglass filled nylon , it makes your ride smooth and efficiently. The US fin box setup offers the option to use a high performance fin for faster speeds