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Aztron Rocket 2000 foil

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by Aztron

Aztron Rocket 2000 foil


The 2000 foils are the ideal choice for larger riders looking to Sup Foil, Surf foil and Wing foiling or lighter riders really looking to get out even on the lightest winds or smallest of swells with an early lift and a low stall speed, making it easier than ever to get round the turns and conquer the light winds or small swell that wasn't possible before.. These wings comes with the Stabiliser 450, which gives the complete setup more lift at lower speeds and is designed for improved turning and pumping performance.


2000 Complete package
The large width of the 2000 front wing offers stability and is an ideal front wing for beginners or heavier riders
Strong and lightweight pre-preg carbon front and rear wings 
Standard aluminium mast that is easy to upgrade 
Long glide and early lift

Mast Length--- 70cm
Fuselage Length--- 72cm
Tail Wing--- 450cm2
Front Wing--- 2000cm2


Aztron offers the highest grade pre-preg carbon fiber wings designed with superior strength and performance. The pre-preg process ensures a perfect ratio between carbon and epoxy, therefore, gives the wings maximum speed and control.
The Fuselage system enables a very direct and stiff connection between the fuselage and wings,locking efficiently any movement in all directions.
Twin US box connection
1 Year UK Warranty