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Bulldog Fin Key & Leash String

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by Bulldog
Color - ORANGE
Type: Accessories

Bulldog Fin Key and Leash String

 If you use Surf Fins, the Bulldog Fin Key and Leash String is a must have accessory. 

  • Fin key and leash string combo

Introducing the Bulldog Fin Key Leash String, an absolute must-have accessory. This combo includes a fin key and a leash string, making it a convenient and practical addition to your surf/SUP gear.

Available in assorted colours, you can choose a style that suits your preference or easily spot your key and leash string among your surf equipment. This product is compatible with FCS fins, ensuring you have the right tools to secure and adjust your fins for optimal performance, wherever your travels take you!

Stay prepared and organized with the Bulldog Fin Key Leash String, a versatile accessory that helps you keep your surfboard setup in top shape while adding a pop of colour to your kit.

Product Information:

• Product Code: BDFKLS-ASSTD
• Fin Key and Leash String Combo
• Assorted Colours
• Compatible With FCS Fins