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Carve Mexico Organic Decaf

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by Carve
Type: Coffee

When you crave a tasty flat white but it’s past your caffeine curfew, try this. Our cracker of a decaf is packed full of nutty, sweet goodness, low acidity and full body; making it perfect for espresso drinks or filter brews. And it’s organic!

Farmed in Mexico by the Moreno family in Chiapas, Finca Nueva Esperanza, which translates as ‘New Hope’.  As an organic farm, production at Finca Nueva Esperanza is free from added pesticides or fertilisers, with old cherry pulp used to rejuvenate the soil.  They employ 60 members of staff to help pick in the harvest season.

About Mountain Water Decaf 

This unique non-chemical decaf process uses pure water from Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico. The green beans are immersed in big tanks of pure mountain water. Here, the caffeine and flavour is drawn out. The flavour is then filtered back into the beans resulting in 99.9% caffeine free, 100% flavoursome coffee.

 Country - Mexico
Farm - Finca Nueva Esperanza
Process - Washed and Mountain Water Decaf
Varietal - Various
Altitude - Various 
Roast level - Medium
Tasting Notes - Toasted Almonds and Sweet Popcorn


60g Whole Beans