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Infinity 10'4" & 10'8" Wide Aquatic Orange

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Type: Paddleboards

The Wide Aquatic 10'4" & 10'8"  is made for beginner/intermediate that wants an easy ride and paddle experience at a great price point.

The SUP Store are super exited about all things INFINITY especially the Wide Aquatic range - A nice wide board, with plenty of volume which will be able to catch any bump and perform on flat water.

Shaping Hall of Fame inductee Steve Boehne excels in designing performance boards. Timeless design theory and characteristics come together in one board.

Catch waves with ease, turn on a dime and enjoy the life aquatic! This size doubles as a fun cruiser board for the family also.

10'4" x 32" x 183L = 21lbs

10'8" x 33" x 200L  = 22lbs


 The construction is unmatched in this class as we use a PVC/Innegra hybrid blend offering high-end premium materials.