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Infinity 14'0" Everready

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Type: paddle board

The Infinity Everready

Brand new to the Infinity 2024 lineup

We have a 22.5" coming in as a demo in June. The UK will have a limited amount of these boards in 2024 which makes it crucial to pre order if interested - no doubt there will be some spare stock , but not many - pre order now to avoid disappointment. 

Here is what INFINITY are saying about the new race board, which only comes in dugout and this funky orange.

EVERREADY is the new all-around all water design to replace the favorite Blackfish Dugout. The new design has to be exceptional to replace the very popular and very successful Blackfish design. The rocker, bottom shape, and outline all have changed to become the new evolution in the Infinity race line up! Dave Boehne and the team Arthur Arutkin, Itzel Delgado, Candice Appleby, Juliette DuHaime and Ricardo Rossi were instrumental in the development of this new shape. 

The main goal with the EVERREADY was to create one board that can race in any condition at any time and stay competitive and confident in your equipment… Lots of glide for the flatter conditions and longer distance races... Also have the all around attributes to navigate through mild bumps, chop, up and downwind and sprinting style paddling… This board gets off the line extremely fast and holds glide speeds incredibly well. The higher volume and deeper recessed dugout add all the stability you need to keep the energy in your legs in longer distances.

The new bottom design and rocker is what sets this board apart from previous designs… This board is very “playful” and responds to the rider in all situations making it very easy for anyone to get familiar with the board right away and attack in racing situations. The rocker allows to hold momentum paddling into chop much easier and this same reason makes this board very easy to catch bumps and draft…

Arthur Arutkin raced this board to 2nd Place in the Downwind Race in the Gorge Paddle Champs as well as 2nd Place in a completely different style race in the tech course showing the wide range of conditions this board can excel in.