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JP Australia Alloy PE 3 Piece Adjustable

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Type: Paddle
  • JP-Australia SUP Paddle Alloy three piece 165-215cm

JP AUSTRALIA SUP Paddle Alloy 165-215cm


The Alloy 3-piece paddle has strong, easy-to-use clamps for length adjustment and the bottom section connection. It's made of the highest quality aluminum alloy to ensure adequate stiffness. All components fit perfectly together, which increases durability and allows riders to put more force into strokes. The blade is made of ABS material, which provides durability and scratch resistance. The Alloy paddle has an unbeatable advantage - excellent value for money!

Key Features

  • Blade made of ABS
  • Adjustment range: 165-215cm
  • Strong and rigid length adjustment clamp
  • Connection of bottom section and shaft features safety pin and additional clamp for better stiffness
  • Shaft and adjustment extension made of aluminium alloy
  • Ergonomic plastic handle
  • 3-piece design for easy transportation and storage
  • Great value to price ratio
  • Watertight connections of blade and handle with shaft
  • Rigid top part of the blade with elastic tip provide optimum flex for recreational paddling
  • Retracted paddle fits in backpack with board
  • Dedicated paddle for recreational paddleboarding
  • Adjustment range: 165-215cm
  • 3 pieces construction enables easy transport
  • Perfect for beginners