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Mr Zoggs Pickle Wax Remover

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The Pickle Wax Remover® is designed for eliminating surf wax from all types of surfboards. The Pickle is eco-friendly, incorporating solely recycled ingredients and no harsh chemicals. One pickle is all you need as it is reusable making it a more environmentally conscious choice.

Now we have been removing wax for donkeys years, and this kit really works - love the recycled pickler...

Clean your board in just 3 easy steps

  1. SCRAPE excess wax off board with inclosed scraper.
  2. GRAB your Pickle. (Go ahead; Don't be bashful).
  3. RUB...HARD rub you Pickle over the board. Apply pressure and use firm strokes. Rotate your Pickle often to avoid wax build up. Buff until unwanted wax is removed.


  • Pickle
  • Comb