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NSP 3 Piece Recycled Durable Traction Tail Pad

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by NSP

NSP 3 Piece Recycled Durable Traction Tail Pad in Grey Camo

The regular 3-piece tail pad has a flat surface and a high kick-tail for your back foot. Diamond groove grip and round cut-outs provide extra grip, comfort and performance, allowing you to push hard against your fins for speed and drive. The repurposed NSP EVA traction pads have the lowest carbon footprint in our entire product line-up, made from 95% repurposed EVA off-cut, straight from the factory floor and absolutely no plastic in the packaging, just flax fibres and recycled paper. Premium 3M adhesives provide the best possible bond between your board and the thermoformed EVA. Different from conventional EVA, thermoforming give these pads a more abrasion-resistant layer that will hold up longer.


  • Durable
  • Practical
  • Grippy
  • Improved Performance