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Ocean Specific Strike Series V-RX1 TEX/CARBON

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Type: Paddleboards

Our TEXCARBON shafts have the best of both worlds- enhanced impact & UV resistance of Texalium, plus high-grade pre-preg carbon fibre. All 100% mixed together for increased strength & long-lasting performance.

Experience a whole new level of performance in SUP surfing and ocean racing with the V-Rx Tex/Carbon surf paddle. Designed for maximum power and efficiency, this double Dihedral blade creates instantaneous acceleration and thrust that is perfect for catching and riding waves. Weighing in at less than 500g uncut, its TEXCARBON construction ensures strength and durability.

Whether you are a pro SUP surfer looking for maximum power and efficiency or an amateur racer hoping for a smooth ride in challenging waters, the V-Rx Tex/Carbon SUP paddle has all the features you need.

Thanks to the double Dihedral blade, you can gain the instant acceleration needed to catch the best bumps and waves. An extended sweet spot that always provides you with a powerful stroke, even in procellous water. The TEXCARBON construction makes this paddle lightweight and highly durable - the perfect choice for challenging waves and manoeuvres. An added benefit are the ABS edges reducing chance of damage to your paddle and board rails.

Finally, the textured Texalium combined with our grip wax offers superior traction to let you rip harder that you won't find anywhere else. Upgrade your SUP sessions. Make every wave count and push your performance to the limits with the V-Rx Tex/Carbon surf and race paddle.


  • Double dihedral enhanced sweet spot 
    The double dihedral blade is designed to decrease turbulent compressions while increasing laminar flow. This configuration results in an improved and potent grip of the blade on the water, maximizing power and efficiency during the power phase.
  • 29mm round shaft 
    This 29mm round textured shaft offers an enhanced grip for greater control and helps minimize hand and arm strain when operating at full power.

  • 10 degree blade profile 
    An ideal angle for entry into the water, with the least resistance and greater efficiency, is 10 degrees. This enables a stronger stroke and faster release during the power phase.

  • Hammer T bar grip 
    Utilised globally, the T bar is a time-honored design that provides excellent grip, directional guidance, and control while turning, transitioning, and trimming. Its ergonomic form allows for user comfort and reliability.

  • ABS Rail  
    To help reduce impact damage.

  • Texalium/Carbon Fibre shaft (10/90)  A 10/90% configuration for durability and flex.
  • 3K Carbon Fibre Blade  
    Crafted with 100% 3K pre preg Carbon Fibre.
  • Firm Flex shaft 
    Our Firm Flex shaft has been developed to ensure the greatest transfer of power, while simultaneously providing the user with enough flex to minimize the strain from any performance paddling. The shaft is engineered to take in the force at the beginning of the stroke, and then output it at the end for a more efficient transfer of energy. This shaft fits 95% of paddler categories and disciplines. 
  • 12 month warranty  
    Our 12 month warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. We do not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, improper storage or damage from those things.
✔ Warranty coverage lasts 12 months
✔ Covers any material/workmanship defects
✔ Does not cover normal wear-and-tear or misuse