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Rspro Jumbo Railtape

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by Rspro
Color - Clear jumbo
Type: Accessories

Rspro rail tape is a must have for all painted boards. 


RS Pro Jumbo Railtape Clear - Specifications:

  • Specifically designed to suit the needs of big boards, with big rails. Perfect for anything above 11'.
  • Clear, trans-lucid, with RSPro logo at the side in silver color for a perfect match to any board colors.
  • 2 strips x 210cm(6’11″) x 8,9cm(3″1/2) semi-rigid 380 micron PVC lenticular pattern surface for high impact and abrasion resistance with the minimum weight. The lenticular patterns surface also facilitates adaptation to difficult areas and easy installation.
  • UV resistant and perfectly crystalline adhesive.


The Clear Jumbo rail tape from RS Pro keeps your SUP safe and ding-free with no visual impact because of the transparency of the material. This super-easy to install rail tape is optimised for longer SUPs like touring, race and downwinders. Two strips of high-quality PVC for each rail on your board allows you to keep your board in the best condition, absorbing paddle scraps and sketchy environments!