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Saviour Board & Paddle Stand Medium

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by Saviour
Type: Board stand

Care for you kit and your kit will care for you!

Let's face it all boards are fragile...

This stand is perfect for storing your board or to keep in your vehicle ready to protect the craft from the harsh surroundings wherever your adventure may be.

For years I have been repairing gravel rash which is easily done whilst leaving your craft on the floor and with this simple and effective stand this will be eliminated. 

Warning - use at your own risk (obviously be careful in the wind)

Anti-gravel rash!

Folds away in 4 parts

Made of 100% Untreated Birch Plywood

Length - 38cm

Width - 42cm

Height - 31cm

Max Board Thickness - 16cm

Suitable for all Inflatables & thinner Hard Boards up to 16cm thick