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SIC Okeanos Air Glide

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by SIC
Type: Paddleboards


Completely revamped, the SIC Maui Okeanos Air Glide stands out as a top-tier inflatable touring paddleboard in our lineup. Offering remarkable stability and effortless distance coverage, the Okeanos is a remarkable inflatable SUP that promises a fulfilling paddling experience. Whether you're a larger or smaller paddler, you can confidently load your gear onto the fore and aft decks and set off on your next adventure.

Navigating shallow waters is a breeze with the versatile fin setup. Whether using a single center fin, adding two side fins for extra stability and tracking, or relying solely on the side fins, the Okeanos handles it all with ease. Constructed with FST technology, this board boasts exceptional stiffness and durability, accommodating larger payloads and enduring the rigors of touring.

The SIC Okeanos Air Glide Package Includes:

  • 1x Inflatable Okeanos board
  • 1x Dual-action pump
  • 1x 9.0” Weedless fin (nylon)
  • 1x Repair kit with fin screw + plate
  • 1x Wheelie backpack
  • 1x Leash

The SIC Okeanos Air Glide offers flexibility in fin configurations to suit various water conditions, from shallow and fast-moving waters to even white water. Opting for just the two side fins not only ensures stability but also provides a secure resting platform for the board when loaded with gear on the beach.

The FST construction makes this board very stiff and durable so it can handle a larger payload and take the beating of a real touring board.


Length: 11’0
Width: 29.0″
Thickness: 6.0″
Volume: 305L
Weight: 10.1kg

Length: 12’6
Width: 31.0″
Thickness: 6.0″
Volume: 340L
Weight: 12.2kg

Length: 14’0
Width: 30.0″
Thickness: 6.0″
Volume: 380L
Weight: 13.0kg