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Soöruz Open Mittens

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by Soöruz
Type: wetsuit

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OYSTERPRENE© is used in our most flexible and efficient neoprene.  The process consists in replacing the limestone by a natural, recycled and renewable product made from grinding of oyster shells. This solution allows us not to loose any of the wetsuits technical efficiency. While helping to improve our environmental footprint without additional cost to the customer. We are pleased to make this innovation available for big market players, and proud to know that a major will rely on our technology from winter 2020. find out more here

 ---Gloves open MITENS 2mm

The MITTENS model is ideal for paddleboarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing to fight against the cold without losing sensitivity!

Thickness: 2mm
Open palm for better sensitivity.
Storm Dry interior (comfort, warmth and quick drying), made of recycled polyester.
Black Diamond exterior, best windbreaker, flexible and robust.

To find out your size, take a tape measure and measure your hand circumference, without tightening, at the joints of the palm.
Take the measurement on your "guiding hand" (right hand for right-handed people and left hand for left-handed people).

XS: Less than 19cm
S: 19cm to 20cm
M : 20cm to 22cm
L : 22cm to 24cm
XL : 24cm to 26cm


The Label that reduces our environmental footprint


The Objectives of this label

  • Reduce the environmental footprint
  • Life Cycle Performance Integration
  • Promote the most eco-responsible products


The evaluation grid will evolve over the years, incorporating more criteria and increasing the high level of rigor from year to year.
This will allow Soöruz to innovate and rethink its products to limit its environmental impact and improve the service provided by its products.

GOALS 2022

  • 100% of our products are Ocean Protect Soöruz certified
  • 40% reduction of our carbon footprint
  • Recycling 20,000 wetsuits