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Starboard Flash Prepreg Carbon Fin

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Type: paddleboard



The SUP Store - these fins are an amazing price point which are to be used by the worlds best , we recommend the FLASH for lighter riders/narrower boards or for that extra maneuverability/less drag and more speed. 

Starboard has pioneered a new line of pre-impregnated carbon fins. Using the same, super lightweight 3k prepreg twill carbon layup that is based off our World Championship winning, Lima Paddle.


The 3k pre impregnated carbon twill wave is an ultra lightweight weave that creates super stiff performance throughout the fin. The trailing edge features a super sharp 0.4mm for clean hydrodynamics. The new range of fins adds speed and performance like never before.

SUP surfers will have a more high performing, responsive, engaged, and locked-in fin setup. After testing with multiple team riders, we could not believe the difference in speed, power, and flow with the new Carbon Surf Fins.

The racing line of fins has been developed alongside world-class racers, who tested and developed our Flash and Flash+ fins. Flash fins are 50% lighter than our previous Natural Winner and are sharper, thinner and stiffer.

peed for Elite Performance

The new, faster, and thinner carbon race fins are specially designed to take racing to the next level.

The Flash and Flash+ fins are thinner than their predecessors and fine tuned to give great all-around racing performance. The Flash and Flash+ fins have been tested and optimized to work in various conditions, from flatwater to sprints to ocean chop.

In our 3K Carbon Prepreg Twill layup, we were able to achieve one of the lightest fins in the racing market. Flash is the smallest race fin in the line up, coming in at a mere 124g (Previous Natural Winner was 240g avg).

The larger brother, Flash+, is designed to fit with wider boards and can be used with any race model for riders wanting more stability.

The Flash+ achieves a weight of 136g. The Flash and Flash+ fins feature a 0.4mm trailing edge for super efficient water release and the highest speed possible.