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Starboard Gen R 2024

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Type: paddleboard

The Starboard Gen-R is a key model for surf racing and all round paddling. The slightly recessed deck has been optimized to have great stability while easy-to-use when beach starting and getting back on the board. Lower rail height and reduced nose thickness is a much requested feature for technical races, buoy turning and easy handling in choppy conditions.

The Gen-R is a great fit between the flat water Sprint model and open ocean/all round All Star model. Additionally, youth riders will love this board for its speed and ease of use.


Extensive cost engineering, refining the layups and multiple tests has led to the Blue Carbon construction.

The Blue Carbon construction is the result of years learning how to produce the lightest and strongest constructions in both SUP & Windsurf, and refining that to come up with a new technology that delivers performance at the best value we have ever introduced in the market.

Available in 14'0" x 23", 14'0" x 25", 14'0 x 27" and 14'0" x 28" complete with boardsock and travel bag.


Reduces paper waste while protecting your board from dust, scratches, and UV damage.

Made with stretchable polyester, it fits various board shapes.

Ensure optimal board maintenance with the iconic blue Board Sock, featuring a secure drawstring closure.

Size 14'0 14'0
Volume 296L 317L
Width 23" / 58cm 25" / 64cm
Length 14'0" / 427cm 14'0" / 427cm
Thickness 9.4" / 23.8cm

9.4" / 23.8cm

Weight 13.1kg 13.2kg
User Weight Up to 90kg Up to 100kg

Size 14'0 14'0
Volume 337L 356L
Width 27" / 69cm 29" / 73.7cm
Length 14'0" / 427cm 14'0" / 427cm
Thickness 9.6" / 24.3cm

9.5" / 24.1cm

Weight 14.0kg 14.8kg
User Weight Up to 110kg Up to 120kg