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Starboard Starlite Construction Special Offers 2022 models

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Type: Paddleboards

Starboard Starlite construction 


Starlite technology remains the same for 2023 and these surf shapes all carry-over to 2023 in terms of shape, with a different deckpad and minor graphic change, with the tails being white instead of blue. Therefore all remaining 2022 surf shapes in Starlite are now offered at 15% off.


- Starboard Wedge line upgrades the previous range of Wide Point boards. These boards have a pro performance and feel without compromising stability or volume. All boards are 32’’ wide to provide float and stability for heavier riders to rip. This is a versatile range for big to small conditions, best suited for beginner and intermediate riders.


Starboard Whopper is the original - the all-encompassing wide-body surf shape that started it all. Refined and improved this best selling SUP is a stable and responsive board which surprises with incredible wave riding ability.

The Whopper is the session safer for many and the go-to option to larger paddlers looking for rewarding paddle session. This the latest Whopper is more responsive, has smoother rail transitions and is more whippy to turn. Thinned out rails on the nose increase maneuverability, while the wider fin position is more responsive to foot pressure. While the channeled tail of the Whopper helps to hold tighter turns and redirects faster during top turns.


- LONGBOARD SUP 2022 An evolution of the classic surf shape. Smooth, stylish, simple High-performance Longboard paddle board that is versatile, incredibly responsive and smooth to turn. This stand up paddleboard is inspired by our legendary Starboard Surf Longboard model, designed to perform in waves from 1ft small beach breaks to head-high reef breaks. The boards offer fast down-the-line surfing, as well as the ability to perform in the critical section of the wave. These cutting-edge shapes are totally well received by our team riders and anyone who have tested them.


-Starboard 8'3" x 30" Pocket Rocket Starlite is the wave-ripper for real-world riders. This brilliant surf paddleboard is floaty, fun and the king of catching waves. With the Starboard 8'3" x 30" Pocket Rocket anything becomes highly surf-able with the shape of the board. The Starboard 8'3" x 30" Pocket Rocket in Starlite is a short but very stable paddleboard for riders seeking more progressive surfing in all wave conditions. With the ability to have Thruster or Quad fin setups the choice to set it up for your riding style is brilliant, the Pocket Rocket does come as standard with 2 side fins and the central Fin.

The Pocket Rockets Rocker line is curved up to the nose making it exceptional at punching out and over the waves and giving you that added performance when general wave riding. The bottom of the Pocket Rocket features a mono to double concave leading to the refined 2022 channel tail, helping to generate, keep your speed and hold it during manoeuvres.