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Starboard The Wall Deluxe SC

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Starboard SUP - THE WALL – The Inflatable with a Recessed Deck

Similar to the composite board’s dugout concept, the design on this board allows you to stand close to the water on the 4.75” thick bottom, whilst using the 2” side walls to generate secondary stability, and stiffness, creating a 6.75” board.

Through standing closer to the water, you will have more stability and save balancing energy, ultimately aiding energy for acceleration in more challenging conditions.
Rail steering will become your new joy, as turning the board is easier with the recessed deck. Step back turns are also more comfortable, since the tail has thin back rails it is easier to sink and keeps you close to the water.

The Wall helps your luggage stay dry and safe under bungee cords. Plus, a new drainage tray creates a soft stance when paddling, but helps drain the water off the standing area and out of the cockpit faster. Parabolic rail reinforcements on the bottom of the board compensate the strength of 2” layer on the dock.


What size of the Wall if right for me?

12’6”x 28” – This is the most manoeuvrable model in the range. The thin tail allows you to perform easier and faster turns, but you can also use this board to paddle fast without lost stability as it’s outline is based on the racing boards with the added 2” double layer.

14’0” x 28” – As the longest and narrowest in the range, the Wall is your choice if you are looking for fast cruising. Suitable for riders up to 100kg or if you are carrying only small luggage. The board is quite manoeuvrable due to the thin rails, which also enables for rail steering with the board thanks to the added secondary stability of the 2” second layer.

14’0” x 30” – The perfect choice for your long expeditions with loads of gear, or if you are a rider under 110kg because at 30” wide this board is heavy duty. The secondary stability of the second layer combined with the bungee tie downs will keep your luggage safe, while you enjoy the benefits of a recessed standing area.


New for 2023 - 

Included on the Deluxe boards is the new Drop Fin Box. The new molding of the fin box creates 50% less drag on the board and 10% reduction in weight. 


2 FCS inserts on the nose to attach accessories from GoPro , phone holder, compass or GPS, it is your perfect exploring companion.
STAR Mount supplied with every board to attach accessories.

The ultra-light Re-cover Bag is designed to minimise weight yet maximise comfort and strength, resulting in the very best backpack carrying experience.
Utilising “Rip Stop” technology to further strengthen the solid 450D materials, we have an amazingly strong and light combo.
Thanks to our partner “Waste2Wear” for making this breakthrough possible with UP-cycled plastic bottles, showcasing futuristic thinking

Starboard try and be as ‘Green’ as they can when making there boards, Within there ‘Green’ initiatives they give a trash bag away with the Deluxe boards to make it easy for you to pick plastic out of our oceans whilst your paddling, They use paper instead of plastic as much as they can within there packaging and to name a few more of there initiative within there board constructions red below …

We are shifting toward recycled EVA deck pads from post industrial EVA waste, increasing UV protection & reducing the use of petroleum.

– At only 70g, the leash is incredibly lightweight so that it doesn’t interfere when paddling and saves weight when traveling.
– Soft cushioning means it will compress and flatten when stood on.
– Easy to attach to the leash ring without needing any excess rope loop like on most other leashes.
– The leash cuff is simple to adjust the tightness and is made from Yulex, a natural rubber with 80% less carbon footprint than normal neoprene.