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Surfinlock SUP Slide-In + Looplock cable cable LOCK

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Type: Board lock

Stand Up paddleboard lock


  • surfinlock SUP Slide-In
  • Looplock Cable 5mm



Introducing the surfinlock SUP Slide-In, an anti-theft paddleboard lock for all inflatable SUPs with a Slide-In fin system. Simply replace the plastic peg used to secure the Slide-In fin with our ultra-hard stainless steel surfinlock. Once locked in place with our Looplock cable or any other cable and lock, it cannot be removed. This easy-to-use lock works in conjunction with the strongest part of your board, the fin box. It allows you to securely leave your board anywhere, reducing the need for constant inflation and deflation, which is a hassle and also will prolong the lifetime of your paddleboard. It’s also small enough to use as a cool keyring with a built-in bottle opener.


Made for: All inflatable SUPs with Slide-In fins (see fin guide, if in doubt).

The clever mechanism: Just slide it in!

The cool extra: Use it as a nice keyring with a bottle opener.


If in doubt about your fin system >> check our fin guide!




The Looplock cable is a versatile locking solution that pairs perfectly with your surfinlock. Its compact size and number dial make it a convenient travel companion that eliminates the need for carrying keys. The unique Looplock design allows you to lock multiple boards together, making it superior to standard double-loop cables. The cable can be looped around a fixing point, and you can then secure your board or several boards one after another. It works with all our surfinlocks and is also suitable for protecting other valuable equipment such as bicycle trailers, camping chairs, or any gear that needs to be secured.

We have 2 Looplock variants:

  • New 5mm cable diameter (perfect for traveling and against casual theft)