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The SUP Store - LES Artistes Drinks Bottle

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The SUP Store beautifully engraved black/silver 500ml LES Artistes drinks bottle. 

Easy to carry and with a sleek design, the isothermal bottle is the ideal companion for everyday use.

Our isothermal bottles are double-walled in stainless steel, allowing drinks to be kept hot for 12 hours and cool for 24, without altering their taste or flavor. The silicon gasket on the lid ensures perfect tightness and is leak-proof.

Added feature : press and turn the rotatable lid Time'up to set the time you put the drink inside the bottle, a useful notice for your daily life!

Time 'UP Lid

  • 100% inox insert
  • Grip for easy opening!
  • Press and turn to set the time you put the drink inside!


Capacities Size Diametre Weight
280 ml 19.30 cm 6.70 cm 0.24 kg
500 ml 25.40 cm 7.05 cm 0.32 kg
750ml 29.80 cm 8.00 cm 0.48 kg


picto-01.png High insulation performance
picto-02.png Leak-proof
picto-03.png Shock resistant

Care and use

Not suitable for dish-washer. We advise you to wash the bottle with warm soapy water after each use and to rinse it thoroughly. For a deep clean, you can add one tablespoon of baking soda.

Not suitable for the fridge or freezer. No need to put the bottle in the fridge : it would be useless as the double-wall in stainless-steel would prevent any temperature changes. Putting it in the freezer could cause damages to the bottle. In order to keep your drink very cold, we advise you to fill the bottle with a drink coming out of the fridge or to use ice-cubes.

Sparkling drinks are allowed.

Not suitable for micro-wave