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Starboard 10'0" Whopper Starlite

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Type: Paddleboards

The Starboard 10' Whopper is the original - the all-encompassing wide-body surf shape that started it all. Refined and improved this best selling SUP is a stable and responsive board which surprises with incredible wave riding ability.

The Whopper is the session safer for many and the go-to option to larger paddlers looking for rewarding paddle session. The Whopper is more responsive, has smoother rail transitions and is more whippy to turn. Thinned out rails on the nose increase maneuverability, while the wider fin position is more responsive to foot pressure. While the channeled tail of the Whopper helps to hold tighter turns and redirects faster during top turns.

All of the Starboard Whopper Starlite paddleboards use Starboard’s new improved Starlite technology which features the strongest rail construction ever made. Using ultra-durable, scratch and impact resistant woven 200g twill azure rail protection the new Starlite rails are unlike anything we have ever encountered; absolutely rock solid! The colour comes from the fibre itself, meaning there is no pigment on the rail, offering the best aesthetics and highest UV protection. While the EPS foam core has installed a pairing of T-stringers deck and bottom to protect against total breakage. These T-stringers are positioned close to the rail working like an i-beam in construction to endure heavy drops and strong wipeouts. Weights of the Starlite constructions are also very lightweight and represent real value when compared against the more expensive Blue Carbon construction.

We also think each of the Starboard Whopper Starlite boards looks fantastic. The graphics of the Whopper range makes the best use of the wood grain to give a finish and look which is simply stunning.

The Starboard Whopper Starlite 2022 is available in two sizes:



10'0" x 34"

9'4" x 33"

Rider Weight

60-110 kg

50-100 kg


10'0" / 304.8 cm

9'4" / 284.5 cm


34" / 86.4 cm

33" / 83.8 cm


4.3" / 10.9 cm

4.7" / 11.9 cm

Tail Width

18.5" / 47 cm

17.7" / 44.9 cm


174 L
ASAP: 183 L

178 L
ASAP: 166 L

Fin Set Up

ASAP WS: 2xUS Center fin box


Center Fin

Center: 170
ASAP and LT: 6.75"
ASAP WS: Drake shallow 220

Center: 170
ASAP and LT: 6.75"

Side Fins

Side: 4.7"

Side: 4.7"


STARLITE: 11.2 kg (est)

STARLITE: 10.8 kg (est)